I have my first official disclosure!

For disclosure purposes:

I have agreed to talk about / promote my positive customer experiences @NatHealthserve + their product lines which include everything from accessories to the unique concept of having a #MMPR Licensed Producer (LP) @Hydropothecary grown custom cannabis strains for only @NatHealthserve customers. In return for this, 33% of my travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Imagine having a clinic and #MMPR grade marijuana that could be grown on your behalf! Think about the possibilities!? That is an interesting concept that only two clinics in all of Canada have taken advantage of, one clinic in Quebec and one in Calgary, my friends at Natural Health Services. I would predict many others clinics will follow their footsteps soon.

US War on drugs statistics

U.S. War on Drugs Statistics Data
Annual U.S. spending on the war on Drugs $51 Billion
Number of people arrested annually on nonviolent drug charges 1.53 million
Number of people arrested for a marijuana law violation annually 757,969
Percent of marijana law violations that were arrested for possession only 87 %
Number of people killed in Mexico’s drug war since 2006 70,000
Number of students who have lost federal financial aid eligibility because of a drug conviction 200,000
Number of people in the U.S. that die each year from an accidental drug overdose 31,758
Tax revenue that drug legalization would yield annually $46.7 billion